sex positions to get pregnant

Choosing the right sex position is important to make a woman pregnant earlier. Is it true or not? There are several types of sex position that you can apply, such as missionary position, woman on top position, doggy style position, and many more. Actually, there is no evidence that specific sex position is capable to make woman pregnant easily. No research has been conducted to prove this assumption.

Yet, the experts have done research for doggy style and missionary style position. The former refers to a position in which the man enters the woman from behind, and the latter is entering the woman from the front. When doing these sex positions, your common sense will feel that one of them is capable to enter woman’s womb deeper. From now on, do not get bothered with sex position that you have done. You just need to enjoy some variety of sex positions in your life.

Sex Positions, Orgasms, and Pregnancy

Orgasm and Conception

Some experts believe that orgasm is important to increase the chance for conception. When a man gets orgasms, he will be able to inject the sperm deeper into the woman’s womb.  Woman’s orgasm is actually important too. This way, she will be able to make her womb wet. As a result, the penis of man can enter the womb without difficulties. In short, both man and woman must have orgasm in order to be successful in for making love to have baby.

Sex Position and Baby’s Gender

Another interesting assumption is that sex position influences the chance for you to have male or female baby. Indeed, the final decision is at the God’s hands. There is a myth that doggy style position gives you more chances to get male baby.  Again, it remains an assumption that needs to be confirmed through scientific studies. No confirmed evidence has been available to prove whether sex position can trigger male or female baby.

Lying Down After Climax

When a man gets orgasm, he is at the climax. This way, he can spread his semen into the woman’s womb. This can increase the chance for conception. So, What must the woman do after the climax?  Scientists suggest that the woman must stay still when this is happening to allow the sperm to run through the cervix.

Overall, sex position is not the only factor that determines your chance to have a baby. You have to make sure that you consume nutritious and balanced foods required to improve your metabolism and maintain your health. Fruit and vegetable must be the parts of your diet as they provide essential nutrition needed by your body.

In conclusion having sex regularly is advised to improve the chance for you to have a baby. You are recommended to have sex with your mate 2 – 3 days a week. However, sex position must be the only thing. The quality of relationship with your spouse, lifestyle, and eating pattern play more important roles. Make sure to avoid smoking and drinking alcohols to increase the quality of your ovum or sperm.
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