Pregnancy and Conception

Pregnancy becomes one of happiest moments in women’s life. Yet, some of them still don’t know specifically about Mostly women don’t even know the exact day when they got pregnant. Usually, any doctor will start counting women’s pregnancy based on the first day of last menstrual period. It is approximately 2 weeks ahead from conception. There are in fact many terms related to conception.

Pregnant women should learn more about their pregnancy. Importantly, conception becomes significant part of women. There are some primer terms to learn about.

  • Ovulation

Each month within ovaries, some eggs grow into small sacs. They are called follicles. It is common that one of those eggs will erupt from follicle. This event is called as ovulation. It commonly occurs before next period for about 2 weeks. 

  • Hormones Rise

After such egg leave follicle, it may develop into something which is called as corpus luteum. It may release certain hormone which helps to thicken uterus. The purpose is to get ready for the egg.

  • Egg Moves to Fallopian Tube

After the release of the egg, it soon moves into fallopian tube. It will stay there approximately for 24 hours. It waits the sperm for fertilization. Usually, it will happen 14 days after the last menstrual period.

  • In Case the Egg Isn’t Fertilized

If there is no sperm reaching the egg, it will move through the uterus. Later, it may disintegrate. Women’s hormone level then will go back to normal. The body will shed the uterus thick lining. Therefore, women’s period start.

  • Fertilization

In case there is one sperm reaching fallopian tube and then burrows into the egg, the fertilization happens. In this condition, the egg will change so that no single sperm can get in anymore. After the fertilization occurs, baby’s sex and genes are set. If the sperm has Y chromosome, the baby will be boy. If it is X, the baby is going to be a girl.

There is an interesting term such as implantation. The egg will stay within fallopian tube approximately for about 4 days. Within 24 hours after the fertilization, it will start divide into many different cells. It will keep dividing while moving slowly through fallopian tube into uterus. There will be slight bleeding for 2 days around implantation.

Another important term to learn about is pregnancy hormone. It is popular as hCG hormone. This hormone is detected within pregnancy test. There will be 3 up to 4 weeks to find the occurrence of hCG hormone after the test.
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